A New Beginning and Rewarding Career in BC Catholic School

My life and home was in England, however I was looking for a commitment outside of myself and was seeking volunteer work. To that end I answered an advertisement I saw in a catholic newspaper. The Frontier Apostles were a volunteer group started by Bishop Fergus O’Grady to help run and sustain the catholic schools which had been built in the diocese of Prince George, Canada. Volunteers were needed!

I was posted to Annunciation School in Prince Rupert, BC to join the teaching staff.  The day of my arrival a young man from the parish came to visit the FA apartment to welcome the new volunteers. It was the day I met my husband.

Eventually my volunteer time was up. I married and became a paid member of the teaching staff. I have been incredibly fortunate to work with amazing teachers from whom I have learned so much. The days are busy, productive and never dull. The school is such a great place to work with its committed staff, faith filled environment, eager learners and supportive parish community.

In 2012 my daughter Rebecca joined our staff as a teacher.  I am able to witness all that she and a new generation of teachers bring to the school community with their knowledge, skills and energy.

My retirement in June is fast approaching. Little did I know that answering that ad in the newspaper would lead me to a place where I have been so richly blessed and truly happy.

~ Noreen Carignan

Rebecca and Noreen