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Welcome to our vibrant Catholic Learning Communities!

Our eight Catholic Elementary Schools have a proud tradition of providing an excellent education to our students.  From the time you walk in the front door, you will know it is a Catholic School.  We teach the BC Curriculum and integrate the teachings of our faith throughout the day and year.  Many special school ceremonies and gatherings revolve around the liturgical calendar as we teach our students about the importance of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, All Saints Day, Family day, St. Valentines and St. Patrick’s days, and sacramental preparation.  Students in our Catholic Schools learn about the treasure and significance of the Mass while participating in Mass regularly.  Staff pray together with their colleagues each morning and before meetings.  They also work with our priest and teach our students to pray.  Our priest is in the school regularly making connections with students and staff, often helping at school functions.  Our students participate on volleyball, basketball, soccer and cross country teams and each school has a strong arts program.  Many of our schools have smart boards and interactive technology to assist staff in providing engaging lessons.  We have an exciting iGeneration Tech Plan to ensure students and staff have current technology to learn the skills they need to be successful in the 21st century.

Parents have many ways to get involved in their child’s Catholic Education.  They can be on the School Council which plays an important role in the governance of our schools.  They can also choose to be part of the Parent Support Group, or volunteer to share their gifts and talents as a tradesperson.  All can join the many who pray daily for our staff and students.

We are proud to have three Catholic Elementary Schools in Prince George and others in Dawson Creek, Smithers, Terrace, Kitimat and Prince Rupert.  The 79 Catholic Schools in BC make up 31% of the Independent Schools.  As a Group One Independent School, we receive 50% of the funding allocated to public schools to educate a student in BC.  We receive 100% of what the Ministry allocates to public schools to support students with special education needs.  In our Prince George Diocese, we have one of the lowest tuitions of Independent Schools in BC and are proud to compensate our professional staff at 84% of the public school salary grid.

Enrollment numbers for our 8 Schools have increased in each of the past four years and three of our schools have expanded to offer grades 8 and 9.  Our schools have new Catholic Resources that teachers use to help teach our Catholic Faith.

The Ministry of Education has enacted a program to ensure that students in our BC schools are safe and have strategies to deal with bullying. The program will include training for 15,000 educators in public and independent schools to identify and address threats to students proactively. A new website has been activated that provides helpful information to students and parents on how to deal with bullying, and contains an anonymous reporting tool for students at www.ReportBullyingBC.ca.

Independent schools have been given the opportunity to participate fully in the provincial antibullying strategy. During the next few months, training sessions will be held throughout the province so that two representatives in each school will be equipped to help victims of bullying. FISA BC is grateful to the BC government for extending anti-bullying support to independent schools so that all schools in the province will have the tools to support victims of bullying and additional means to keep our students safe.

Grade seven graduates of our Catholic Learning Communities enter their teen years with a solid foundation and understanding of their faith.  In addition, they develop a network of friends and connections in the community while acquiring a solid academic foundation.  This Christ centered foundation enables our youth to serve as disciples and to witness their faith in a global society.

If you would like to learn more about our Catholic Schools, please contact the school principals for a tour and visit our school links on our Schools page or contact me anytime cis@cispg.ca or 250-964-5642.

I am proud to serve as the Superintendent of our 8 Catholic Schools – vibrant Catholic Learning Communities.

Chris Dugdale, Superintendent





Why Catholic Schools for my child?

In a survey from Spring 2013, parents across our Diocese indicated the top 3 reasons they send their child(ren) to Catholic School are:

  1. Faith Based Education (integrated into the day, modeled by all staff, celebrating the sacraments and liturgical season – learning our faith together)
  2. Strong Academic Program
  3. Sense of Community

About Catholic Independent Schools of British Columbia

Special Needs Education

Catholic schools serve the needs of Catholic families who practice their Catholic faith, and other non-Catholic students enrolled. Since the early eighties, Catholic schools within the province have served children of all abilities as far as is possible within the mandate of the schools. In the five dioceses, schools have developed support services to meet the needs of their pupils.

In September 2005, the Ministry of Education increased funding of special needs students enrolled in independent schools to the same levels as public schools. Special needs students include a full range of students including those students with moderate/profound intellectual disabilities, students with physical disabilities or chronic health impairments, students with visual impairments, students with autism spectrum disorder, or students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Also included are students requiring intensive behaviour interventions.

Service to the Community

Within each of the five dioceses in British Columbia, Catholic schools play a vital role in serving the communities in which they are located. Each school is an integral part of a larger community that includes municipalities, parishes and many communal organizations. Students of Catholic schools reach out to their communities, participating and supporting programs for the needy, aged and sick. These essential services are driven by being witnesses not only to Christ as the cornerstone of the whole community, but also by the recognition that everyone in a community has to be a positive contributor for our society to continue to grow. Developing Christian leaders is essential to the philosophy of all Catholic schools.

Academic Excellence

Catholic schools provide a holistic education, which combines academic excellence with concern for the spiritual, moral, social, emotional, cultural and physical growth of the students. Thus, it fulfills its mandate from parents, Ministry of Education, and the Catholic Church, whose mission it shares through the ministry of teaching. This quality education is given in a faith-based community where teachers, students and parents come to know and love Jesus Christ as they grow together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and love based on Gospel values in the tradition of the Catholic Church.


All independent schools in British Columbia are regularly inspected by the Ministry of Education through full inspections and monitoring evaluations. These mandatory regulatory inspections ensure that independent schools offer a program of studies that meet the Educational Standards Order and the Independent Schools Act (2012).


Catholic schools save the taxpayers of British Columbia hundreds of millions of dollars every year because they are only funded at half the rate that the government funds a similar public school. The other half of the cost of operating a Catholic school is received from tuition that parents pay, fundraising, subsidies from the Catholic Church and activities in the schools. In addition, all capital costs of the school buildings and land in which the approx. 21,000 children (Catholic and non-Catholic) are educated are borne entirely by the Catholic community of the school because the provincial government does not provide any funding for capital expenses. The cost of the land, buildings and equipment of the 79 Catholic schools in the province would be staggering if the government had to become 100% fiscally responsible for them.

Fiscal Accountability

Taxpayers of British Columbia expect all schools, both public and independent, to be fiscally accountable. Catholic schools are in the unique position of having to be accountable to the three bodies from which they receive monies: government, church, and  parents. The government ensures that the operational money it provides to Catholic schools is spent on that for which it was intended. The local Education Committee/Council of the school, consisting of the pastor and members of the lay community, develop and approve the school’s annual operating budget. Financial statements are presented to the public each year at the school’s Annual General Meeting. Schools are required to be audited each year by qualified external auditors who submit reports to the Ministry of Education as required by legislation.

Members of the local governing body, commonly known as an Education Committee/Council, are elected to office to govern the school’s operation and to ensure all aspects of Generally Accepted  Accounting Principles (GAAP) are met. Parents pay tuition fees and have therefore made a deliberate decision to send their children to the school that meets their family values and standards, despite extra costs.

Our Policies

CISPG Policy Manual

Teacher Employment Plan Approved May 29, 2014

Support Staff Employment Plan