Teacher Applicants
Documentation required when
Applying for Teaching Opportunities

  1. Cover Letter and Completed CISPG Teacher Application Form
  2. Pastoral Reference Letter signed by Parish Priest (if Catholic)
  3. BC Teaching Certificate or eligibility for certification
  4. University Transcripts
  5. New Teachers: Copies of Student Teaching Reports
  6. Experienced Teachers: Copies of Teacher Evaluations
  7. Letters of Reference
  8. TQS if available, for Qualifications for Salary Purposes
  9. Baptismal / Marriage Certificate (if Applicable) NOTE: Catholic applicants are expected to be married in a Catholic Church – providing the Church marriage certificate along with the Government copy.

When hiring teachers, we select qualified individuals who exhibit the attitude, ethics, and moral qualities that we are looking for in educators.  When we are unable to fill a teaching vacancy with a qualified Catholic candidate, we interview our non-Catholic applicants.  Successful non-Catholic applicants are offered up to 5-Year Term Contracts. The position is then reposted after the 5 years, to seek a qualified Catholic applicant as per CISPG Policy.

The Following Documentation will be Required if Offered a Teaching Position

  1. Evidence of Previous Teaching Experience for Salary Purposes (if applicable)
    (We have Verification of Teaching Experience Forms to give to previous employers)