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We integrate our Catholic Faith into each day of learning at our Catholic Schools. In addition to our resources like Alive in Christ, Chosen, and Decision Point, our students are taught the beauty of the sacraments and attend Mass together. Liturgical celebrations like Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Feast Days are taught and celebrated. Serving others is integrated into the school year. Staff are role models and a witness of the faith.

Each year, the Catholic Schools of British Columbia have a common Theme that connects them as a provincial catholic learning community. This year it is Care for Everyone in our Common Home, based on the encyclical by Pope Frances of Care For Our Common Home.

Here is a link to a Pastoral Letter on Catholic Schools from the Catholic Bishops of British Columbia

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Catholic Schools

Care For Everyone In Our Common Home

How can we turn away from the faces of the children, faces bearing hunger, faces knowing pain? Who will feed their hunger and comfort all their pain? Tell me, is it you? Is it I? And when will we? And who will plant the dreams in the minds of the children, minds so often frightened, minds that long to hope? Who will keep their dreams alive and see that they come true? Tell me, is it you? Is it I? And, when will we? And who will be the love in the hearts of the children? Hearts of our tomorrow, hearts in need today? Who will give example of all that life can be? Tell me, is it you? Is it I and when will we? Look into the depths of your soul. Where do you see tomorrow? It’s in the minds and hearts and faces of the children. So, let us join as one for the sake of the children; children wanting us to hope and needing us to care; who will make a difference in the future of the Earth? Tell me, is it you? Is it I? And when will we?

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