Problem Solving/Appeal Process

Policy 473

The Board of Directors recognizes that complaints may be raised by parents or guardians against personnel who work for Catholic Independent Schools Diocese of Prince George (CISPG). This policy does not apply to teachers, please see Policy 474. The resolution of these complaints as soon as possible and at the first step in the process is preferred. Employees, School Council members, Pastors, and Directors of the CIS Board do not solicit nor entertain complaints. All complaints must be addressed according to the following guidelines and procedures:


Step 1
A parent or guardian representing a student and having a complaint about personnel should contact the person in question as the first step to resolution.

Step 2
If a resolution is not attained or if the parent or guardian does not wish to meet with the person in question the parent or guardian shall request a meeting with the principal. A record of the meeting shall be made by the principal.

Step 3
The principal will then investigate the complaint or refer the complaint to an outside agency, at their discretion.

Step 4
The Principal will then decide whether or not they will facilitate a meeting between all parties or refer the complaint to CIS. The principal or parents (in writing) can request the matter be dealt with by the CIS office. The Principal is to keep the School Council aware of any serious situation – its nature only and not the details.

Step 5
If the parent or guardian does not receive satisfaction from the CIS Office within Step 4, an appeal, in writing, can be made to the CIS Board of Directors.

Step 6
The CIS Board of Directors will arrange for an investigation of the appeal (refer to Policy 470) and it will provide its decision on the matter in writing and communicate this to the parent or guardian on a timely basis.