Teaching in the Prince George Diocese

What makes our Catholic schools a great place to work is the sense of community we have there, the sense of support we have from parents, pastors, and community.

Our Catholic school system as grown more than any other Catholic school system in BC over the past 2 years. We’ve expanded grades in our western 3 schools.

“The schools have given me a fantastic opportunity and I wouldn’t change it for the world,”¬†Brian MacLean.

“The community of Prince George was really so welcoming….the relationships, like I said, have stayed for many many years now that I feel like part of their family,” Christine Murphy.

Those who have come to the Diocese of Prince George from other places have come here because they wanted a full time job.

If you’re into the outdoors like skiing or snowboarding, hiking or biking, fishing or hunting…there’s no better place to do it than Northern BC.

Be part of the mission, be part of the crucial work of formation for families and their children and bringing people to a mature life.

Discover the Joy of Teaching in our Catholic Schools