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iGeneration Student Video Challenge 2017-18

Last year, our students demonstrated initiative, collaboration, creativity and problem solving, producing fantastic videos from a selection of 3 options. Some answered the question, “How do our Catholic Schools Care for our Common Home?” Others created ‘Explainer’ or ‘How-to’ videos. A few of students chose option 3 and created a 3-5 minute dramatic play that relates to their faith.  A fourth option of a class entry is an exciting way to involve all the students. Our CISPG Board, Bishop, parents, pastors, teachers, and other students were really impressed with what students created and what they learned. I am pleased to offer the CISPG iGeneration Student Video Challenge, Version 5.  This contest is a common learning project among our 8 schools and is intended to connect our schools and broader learning community while enabling students to demonstrate their learning in exciting ways. This contest is open to all of our 8 Catholic Schools, grades 4 and up. Each school can submit up to two entries to the CISPG by Friday May 4, 2018. Student videos will be judged to win prizes.

  • 1st place – iPad mini and case or something of equal value
  • 2nd place – $50 iTunes cards
  • 1st Place in Class Entry - $250 towards a class field trip or activity.
  • A good place to start is by looking at the announcement video from May 2017

Full details, entry form, evaluation rubric, and helpful tips including some helpful screen casts are found on this page. So, plan, shoot, and edit the video.  Ask questions, involve your friends, teachers, principal, secretary, parents, pastor – tell them what you’re doing and ask more questions.  Be curious & creative, be innovative, have some fun.

Individual or Partner Options:

Choice #1:

Our theme in all Catholic schools in British Columbia this year is “Care for Everyone in our Common Home” so our focus question for a 2-3 minute video that you create for will be, "How do our Catholic Schools Care for Everyone our Common Home"? You may wish to review some of the Gospel stories of who Jesus interacted with.  If Jesus was in your town today, who would he talk to or hang out with?  Now, what connections can you make from this to answer the focus question?

Choice #2:

Students complete a 2-3 minute explainer video.  This is what students and their families use today when we google things. See our link to view winners from previous years for some ideas. Other ideas could include a student teaching others how to play a song on the guitar or how to braid their hair. Recently, I successfully assembled my new dog pen when I googled it, learning the techniques to properly and safely connect the parts. Students have many talents and I’m looking forward to learning from you. I also know that you really have to learn something well, in order to teach it.

Choice #3:

Students complete a 3-5 minute dramatic play that relates to our Catholic Faith and make a video of the play. Last year a winning entry from St Joseph’s in Smithers did this with Lego figures.  In 2016, the girls from Immaculate Conception won 1st prize with the walk up the cutbanks of the Nechako River, learning about the Gospel. You may recreate a story from the bible, a gospel story like Jesus walking on water or the prodigal son and then finish it with a student commentary of what that gospel story means to you in your life.

Class Entry: Choice #4

The entire class must be part of this 2-3 minute video entry and answer the question, “How does our class or school Care for Everyone our Common Home?”  Last year Mrs Ruddy’s class from Sacred Heart in Prince George won this prize.  You can view their entry at here. The prize for top Class entry is $250 towards a class activity or field trip. Full details and rules are available for download here.

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 How-To Videos (Tips for better recording)

iGeneration Student Video Challenge - 'Editing with YouTube': A screencast for Teachers

If you don't have any video editing software, you can use Youtubes video editor or GoPro's new editing software. There are many other free solutions online for editing video, so students can explore the web to find some free software that fits their needs.  Below is a screencast for how to use YouTube to edit your video. 

Copyright Information and FAQ's

With regards to the copyright for songs, the main process is that you contact the Record Label for the artist you want to use and make the request through their website contact form. Alternatively, you can use several stock music websites that are online (some are free). Here is a list of some paid sites:

  1. https://www.songfreedom.com/
  2. http://www.themusicbed.com/
  3. http://triplescoopmusic.com/
  4. http://istockphoto.com
  5. http://audiojungle.net/

Here is a list of some free sites:

  1. http://www.freestockmusic.com/
  2. http://www.mobygratis.com/

Here is a link to a site that gives more information about how to get permission for songs http://www.copyrightkids.org/permissioninformation.htm Some editing programs come with some music that is great, so students can consider using one of those tracks.