Below you will find sections for how we manage our Catholic Schools within our Diocese.

Superintendent's Message

Hi, I’m Chris Dugdale, proud to be Superintendent for Catholic Independent Schools for the Diocese of Prince George.
Thanks for clicking on our website – I trust that it will be informative and helpful in learning about our 8 dynamic catholic schools and our CISPG learning community.

If you have suggestions for our website, please see the list of contacts and let us know. We are lifelong learners and want the website to be useful and relevant to your needs.

I love my job. I enjoy visiting students and learning from them and their great teachers. They inspire me. I love telling others about the Good News and that there is hope in Jesus Christ. I like sharing my faith journey with others, especially the beauty of the sacrament of reconciliation. A book that had a huge impact in my life is Matthew Kelly’s ‘Rediscover Catholicism’ – I recommend it to everyone. The works and writings of Pope Francis affirm and inspire me. I take seriously the important work of hiring dynamic catholic teachers to teach passionately and inspire others in their faith. I dream of expanding and offering a relevant, dynamic and faith-filled catholic education to more grades and communities. If you’d like to discuss Catholic Education, contact me and I will get back to you.
God’s peace.

- Chris Dugdale

Superintendent's Reflections

Board Directors

Below is a list of our board directors and their contact information.

Bishop Jensen

Yvonne Becotte

Very Rev. Rectorino Tolentino Jr

Bina Tucker

Colleen Easson

Fr Terry Brock

Gregory Krabes

Fr. John Garden


Board Meeting Information

CISPG Leadership Team meeting's 7:00pm
Tuesday September 15, 2020

Board of Directors meeting's

Tuesday June 23, 2020
CISPG Board of Directors meeting 5:00pm

Tuesday September 29, 2020
CISPG Board of Directors meeting 5:00pm

Tuesday October 20, 2020
CISPG Board of Directors meeting 5:00pm followed by CISPG AGM meeting at 6:00pm


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Our Learning Plan

This learning plan provides a framework for CISPG learners (both students and adults) so that we may inquire, collaborate, and plan to meet the challenges of the redesigned BC curriculum within the life and mission of our Faith. In this plan we encourage all educators to build learning communities where our students may thrive in inspiring, innovative and inviting Catholic environments.


News / Events

We post all news and events in one convenient location on our site. View our News and Events


We are continually seeking amazing Catholic Teachers to teach in our vibrant learning communities. View Employment Positions


iGeneration is our yearly video creation contest that encourages innovation and collaboration using technology. Learn More

Vision Map

We've worked hard with all our staff and admin to create this beautiful vision map that represents our mission with education. View the Vision Map