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Prince George

Known as BC’s Northern Capital, Prince George is growing town of 76000 people. Priding itself on its diverse and welcoming community, Prince George offers everything from affordable housing, employment, education, and a great outdoor life. Weather you are skiing at one of a couple ski hills, to hiking in our forest for the world, Prince George is the outdoors-men dream! Not to mention some of the historical sights like fort George, to our art gallery, or enjoying a hockey game at the CN Centre. You are also able to get way weather you take off from our international Airport or greyhound bus, you are always connected to the outer towns. Local Catholic Churches: St Mary's Catholic Church Sacred Heart Cathedral Christ Our Saviour Immaculate Conception

City of Prince George - Flag

Chamber of Commerce This site provides great info on various projects going on around town. Also provides info on board members, and how to join.

City Of Prince George A great site to learn more about the city of Prince George, and what Prince George is all about. From PG’s history, city living, to city services. Prince George Airport Nechako Outdoors Prince George Playhouse Theatre North West Tourism PG Visiting for the first time? Or a returning visitor? Find out some of the best places to visit, eat and some of the best activities during your stay!

Ski Hills Near PG Tabor, PurdenOtway Nordic Ski Centre

College and University College of New Caledonia University of Northern British Columbia


Colleen, Grade 6/7 Teacher @ Sacred Heart – Prince George, BC

I have always thought of myself as a big city girl.  Born and raised in Montreal, and after completing a Bachelor’s in Commerce at Concordia, I moved overseas to teach English for a few years of travel and adventures.  During this time, I returned to Canada to procure my Education degree.  I returned to live in Seoul, South Korea and then Istanbul, Turkey, two of the most populated cities in the world, and traveled extensively.  As I turned my eyes back to Canada to continue my career, I was not ready to return to my home province and sought out new adventures in British Columbia.

I remember telling a friend that the town I move to has to have a movie theatre and a Starbucks or it wasn’t big enough for me.   I was in Istanbul when I interviewed for a position at Sacred Heart in Prince George.  I remember thinking how auspicious it was that I would be returning to a Sacred Heart having graduated from the Sacred Heart School of Montreal.  Indeed, it was Sister Sally MacLean, RSCJ who had a hand in picking me for an interview.  God’s hands were at work because I found a home away from home while I was on the other side of the world!

My first day at Sacred Heart, I was whisked away from my classroom to a teacher’s home for lunch and then taken on a tour of the neighborhood, ending at the school secretary’s home, where we sat around a camp fire and her husband sang songs.   It was a surreal experience.  I have never felt so welcomed before in my life. This wasn’t any other school.  It was a family.  A legacy. It has a long history that the staff share and pass down with love to new teachers and families.

Over 13 years later, this little school is my family.  We celebrate together, pray together, and even mourn together.  In the CIS school culture, you are supported as a whole person, not only as an educator, and have the opportunity to give back by mentoring new teachers and candidates from the local university.  Prince George is now teeming with students and teachers that I have the pleasure to work with and watch grow into their potential.  When they said it takes a village to raise a child, they had to be thinking of a place like Prince George.    There are so many opportunities here to join in and help others and witness your impact, as well as explore the beautiful nature BC is known for.   Prince George is the biggest ‘small town’ you didn’t know you needed.

Dawson Creek

Best known for being the “Alaska Highway Mile’0’ site, Dawson Creek offers many opportunities for exploration.  Offering many historical sites like the “Kiskatinaw Bridge, cross country and downhill skiing, along with a variety of trails to hike in. In the summer, there quit a variety of activities to choose from weather it be bird watching, hiking, fishing, or camping. Notre Dame Parish

 Dawson Creek

Tourism Dawson Creek Wondering what to do for your visit, or even looking for a place to stay for the night? This is a great site to see what places to visit, eat, or some activities to do while you are visiting.

Chamber of Commerce You want some input into the city or have some great ideas? This site provides with you information benefits of volunteering as well as an application form.

City of Dawson Creek This provides a variety of info for the city. Weather you are visiting for the first time or coming back for the second time. Click here to learn more about the city, people, business’, and more. Powder King Mountain Resort


Elaine, Grade 7 Teacher @ Notre Dame Catholic School - Dawson Creek BC

I am very thankful I work at a school that has endless support and is always there for an encouraging word. Notre Dame is making my first year as a classroom teacher 100x easier. Living in Dawson Creek, my after-work and weekend activities can include a walk to beautiful Kinuseo Falls.


Located in the north Coast region of British Columbia,  Kitimat is a small town of 10000 people. An industry  based economy, Kitimat was created around the 1950s to accommodate a hydroelectric project and aluminum smelter.  Surrounded by beautiful  scenery, Kitimat  has a lot to offer weather in the summer or winter time. From cross country skiing to its Winterfest Celebrations in the winter. To fishing derbies and bull riding in the summer. As a community, Kitimat gets behind local teams such as their Ice Demons Hockey Team and various cultural communities. Christ The King Parish


City Of Kitimat Great site that provides information on the city, people, places and various activities around town. Also has other info on the Economic Development and Municipal Hall.

Chamber Of Commerce Great site to learn about how to voice your opinion! This site has various info on what is going on in the city, its members, and how to join!

HelloBC Site - Kitimat A great site to with in depth info on places to see, eat, stay. Also if you are curious about the history, check out their write up on Kitimat. Lakelse Provincial Park 

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Brody, Grade 7 Teacher @ St. Anthony’s School – Kitimat, BC

My name is Brody and I am a teacher at St. Anthony’s Catholic School in Kitimat, BC. I was raised about 30km east of Charlottetown, PEI, about 7,500km away from Kitimat. In 2013, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of PEI and in 2017, I decided to return to university, graduating with my Bachelor of Education, again from UPEI. As I was getting close to graduating, I started thinking about my future career. UPEI invited me to attend a job fair at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, NB, and during the four hour drive I gave a lot of thought about where to teach. After much deliberation, I decided I wanted to go to British Columbia. I had never been there and all I had ever heard about it was how beautiful it was and how friendly people who live there are.

At the job fair, I dropped my resume off at the CISPG booth. I was given a preliminary interview on the spot. A few weeks later, I was requested to do a formal interview. The process was very positive and amicable and I always felt very valued during my hiring.

Driving across the country not only let me reflect what Canada is to me, but it also allowed me to truly see how beautiful North-Western BC is. The mountains and rivers are spectacular, the towns are quaint and peaceful, and the people are wonderful.

Teaching in Kitimat has allowed me to become more involved in my faith and my beliefs. It’s made me more appreciative of what I have and the natural abilities that God has given to me. There are a lot of flexibilities that I can take advantage of here that I wouldn’t be able to in a traditional, public school. The administration is very supportive and allows me to take chances; I’ve always been given what I need to be a successful teacher. The staff forms a tight-knit community and are always helpful to one another. Lastly, the students are very respectful and conscientious and are genuinely thankful for the blessings that they’ve been given. Teaching for CISPG has been a wonderful experience that I would not change at all.

Prince Rupert

Known as the “Hub of the North”, Prince Rupert is located on Kaien Island with a population of 12,000 people. A beautiful part of the North Westcoast, Prince Rupert is loaded with diverse people, nature, and history. Known for its outdoor recreations, Prince Rupert has some of the best fishing and wildlife out there. En route to places like Alaska, Prince Rupert is easily accessible by air, train, ship, or by car. Annunciation Roman Catholic Church Prince Rupert CrestCity Of Prince Rupert Official site of Prince Rupert. Come here to learn more about the city, its business’, and services.

Chamber Of Commerce Want to learn more about the board and its members? Visit here for more info on how to join and be a part of the community.

Visit Prince Rupert A great site to plan your stay around. Great info on what to do, where to stay, and eat!


With a population of just 6000, and another 20,000 in the surrounding valley, Smithers is known as a service centre. For being a small town, Smithers offers a lot more when it comes to the outdoors. Offering exceptional fishing and hunting areas, downhill and cross country skiing, to golfing and canoeing. Backed by a large music scene, museums, art galleries, Smithers has something for everyone. St Josephs Parish - Smithers


Town Of Smithers Want to learn more about the city? Or are you planning on visiting? This site provides info on the city, business’, and its residents.

Chamber Of Commerce Visit here to learn more about joining the board, its membership packages, and info on various activities going on around town.

Tourism Smithers Click here to find out more about the city, the people, and shops. Easily broken down into categories, you can easily plan your day.


Located along the Skeena River, surrounded by forests, mountains, and cliffs, Terrace is the perfect place for outdoor activities. With something to do no matter what season it is, Terrace has some of the best fishing, skiing, golfing out there. And in the evening, you can find time to check out the local scene.  Weather its eating at the many pubs, restaurants or coffee houses, or checking out the local music bands. Terrace prides itself on being loyal to their region and town, and make every effort to make visitor feel welcome. Sacred Heart Parish - Terrace


City Of Terrace A great site to visit to learn more about the city, and what’s going on.

Chamber Of Commerce Visit here to learn more about how to join and be part of the board. Also another great resource to find out the various activities going on around town.

Visit Terrace Having trouble figuring out what to do, where to eat, or even stay? This site is a great resource on what the city has to offer.


Susan, Grade 9 Teacher @ Veritas Catholic School - Terrace, BC

Whether you are just beginning or have some years of experience, teaching is a reward in itself. As teachers, we are lucky sometimes to choose where we work. I chose to work in Terrace, at Veritas School. I thought the school name itself was auspicious. My rewards and blessings continue to grow.

My current post came about very quickly - seven days from initial call to walking in the door the next Friday to prepare the classroom for September! My quick decision to move from Ontario, family and home was easier to make than one would think.

The truth is, opportunities at Veritas ticked all the boxes on my wish list as a teacher. My wish list includes: adventure; a caring community; collaborative, inspired colleagues; forward-thinking, adaptive leadership; and a welcoming, beautiful place to live. If you add on the perks like the mountains, rivers, and woods, well then, I may be accused of gloating.

Terrace and Veritas have been an easy fit, all credited to the people here. As a professional, small communities offer countless opportunities to develop your skills, grow your leadership and learn to make meaningful change in the workplace and surrounding community. The balance between work and life is much easier to maintain. After always living in big cities, I have felt more connected to my neighbourhood and city than ever as people encourage, include, and invite me to participate.

A quick decision has turned into a slow and steady appreciation and gratitude for a lovely new life.