First Peoples

  • 10 Beautiful Indigenous Children's Books To Add To Your Library: Shared by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
  • 10 Books About Residential Schools: Shared by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
  • The Blanket Exercise (Kairos Canada): This is an excellent teaching tool to share the historic and contemporary relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada.
  • Fireweed Canada: Educational resource kits integrated with Aboriginal content. The owners are Leona Prince and Gabrielle Astrope (sisters) from Prince George.
  • First Peoples Principles of Learning (Jo-Anne Chrona Blog): This site is created to help educators in British Columbia understand how they might incorporate the First Peoples Principles of Learning (FPPL) into their classrooms and school.
  • FNESC: The First Nations Education Steering Committtee is focused on advancing quality education for all First Nations learners. Check out this site for current resources and news on Learning First Peoples.
  • Indigenous Films Online: This CBC article describes 6 indigenous films, part of a free catalogue from the National Film Board Indigenous Cinema collection.
  • Project of Heart: The purpose of this site is to inspire the building of relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Canada based on mutual understanding, respect and collective action to create a different future.
  • Strong Nations: This BC company offers the best selection of indigenous, Native American, Aboriginal, First Nations, Inuit, and Metis books for all ages. The site also includes lesson plans based on the metacognitive strategies using aboriginal literature

General Curriculum


  • CR4YC: Changing Results for Young Children: Enter your email address to follow this blog about early literacy and numeracy in BC.
  • Epic! This is an amazing site that offers free access for educators to thousands of high-quality, award-winning books, learning videos, teacher-curated collections, quizzes, and more.
  • POPEY (Provincial Outreach Program for the Early Years) Great website that supports the K-3 ELA Curriculum and the Core Competencies.
  • readingpowergear: Adrienne Gear is a well known BC elementary teacher and author. She is passionate about children’s literature and how to integrate books into all areas of learning.
  • readwritethink: This site provides educators and students access to high quality practices and resources in language arts instruction - lesson plans are included.
  • Teacher Education By Design: (TEDD) is a project of The University of Washington's College of Education supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation. The site contains sections on teacher instructional practice in Literacy, ELL, Mathematics and Science.
  • Two Sisters/Daily Cafe: This is a very informative website, curated by the authors of The Cafe Book and The Daily Five. The site provides information on differentiated instruction methods for literacy and mathematics. As well, it provides resources and support for educators regarding the foundational skills. Although there is a subscription fee, much of the information is free.


  • BC Numeracy Network: This resource is designed and developed by the BC Numeracy Network. "As K-12 educators, we came together with a shared passion and conviction for the dynamic teaching and learning of mathematics. Through conversations with our colleagues, we heard their desire to strengthen their numeracy teaching practice."  Our exploration and conversations about promising practices in learning mathematics identified six components to balanced numeracy: Foundations, Assessment, Instructional Practices, Engagement, Connections, and Environment. Many of the resources on this site are free to download or open access; others, such as professional learning resources, will link you directly to the publisher for purchase.
  • Carole Fullerton: What's Worth Learning, Teaching, and Assessing in Math: Carole Fullerton is a well-known BC author and numeracy consultant. Her blog has links to many excellent numeracy resources and lots of free downloads.
  • Clotheslinemath: This is an amazing site for secondary math teachers by Chris Shore. The Clothesline is dynamic, meaning that the “benchmark” numbers may be adjusted when needed, as well as the values that are placed on the line. When used properly throughout the secondary grades, the number line can develop deep, flexible number sense as well as conceptual understanding of variables, signed numbers, rules of exponents, algebraic expressions, geometric relationships, statistics and other key mathematical ideas.
  • CR4YC: Changing Results for Young Children: Enter your email address to follow this blog about early literacy and numeracy in BC.
  • Estimation180 - Here, Andrew Stadel provides educators with instructional strategies in implementing problem-solving tasks, strengthening number sense, and exploring tools that support the mathematical thinking of diverse student populations. Note the secondary math lessons and clothesline activities.
  • Figure This! Launched by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, in cooperation with the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, Widmeyer Communications, and the Learning First Alliance. This website provides interesting math challenges that middle-school students can do at home with their families.
  • Fraction Talks: Nat Banting began playing with Fraction Talks in May 2015 after listening to a keynote from Ilana Horn (@ilana_horn). The goal was to develop a simple visual that could foster creative thinking around fractions. The idea is simple, the medium is practical, and the thinking is rich. This site is a growing cache of materials designed for classroom teachers and by classroom teachers.
  • Math and Science in District 38: This is a very rich resource that includes many amazing links to math blogs, resources and the BC Curriculum. As well, check out Janice Novakowski's blog on the Richmond School District site - incredible!
  • Number Talk Images: This is a collaborative project dedicated to gathering interesting images
    ​to be used as a launching point for Number Talks.
  • Steve Wyborney's Math Blog: This is an excellent site for ideas about teaching numeracy. Of note is the Fraction Splat! series.
  • Teaching To The Beat of a Different Drummer: Brian Bushart is the Curriculum Coordinator for Elementary Mathematics in Texas. Of note is the section on Numberless word problems.
  • Teacher Education By Design: (TEDD) is a project of The University of Washington's College of Education supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation. The site contains sections on teacher instructional practice in Literacy, ELL, Mathematics and Science.
  • Visual Patterns: Created by Fawn Nguyen in late 2013 - "and a lot of cool people have contributed to make the site what it is."
  • Which One Doesn't Belong? (WODB): This is a website dedicated to providing thought-provoking puzzles for math teachers and students alike. There are no answers provided as there are many different, correct ways of choosing which one doesn't belong.


  • Bamboo Shoots: Chinese Canadian Legacies in BC: Bamboo Shoots: Chinese Canadian Legacies in BC is an educational resource for teachers of Grades 5 and 10. This resource offers a rich gallery of historical photographs, and a wealth of archival documents and personal stories that accompany five lessons at each grade level.
  • Books on Refugee and Immigrant Experiences: Shared by School Library Journal
  • Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants: This site includes guest speakers and virtual field trips with leading experts from around the world - e.g. a virtual field trip to South Africa into a cave system over 40 metres underground with National Geographic Explorers!
  • Mystery Science K-5: Mini-mystery inquiries that can be incorporated into science units
  • Science World: Online Science resources
  • Teacher Education By Design: (TEDD) is a project of The University of Washington's College of Education supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation. The site contains sections on teacher instructional practice in Literacy, ELL, Mathematics and Science.


  • CodeBC: This website aims to connect British Columbia teachers to a wealth of grade-level appropriate, cross-curriculum coding and computational thinking resources.
  • Nick's Picks for Educational Technology - Nick LaFave is an Instructional Technology Specialist and an Apple Distinguished Educator. Each week, he shares one EdTech resource with a brief description as to how it can help teachers improve instruction and incorporate more technology in their classrooms.
  • ERAC Digital Classroom Collection



  • BrainPOP: BrainPOP is a group of educational websites with over 1,000 short animated movies for students in grades K-12, together with quizzes and related materials, covering the subjects of science, social studies, English, mathematics, engineering and technology, health, and arts and music. BrainPOP is available by subscription but has some free content, including a movie of the day, several free movies from each topic area, educators materials, including lesson plans, and an extensive library of educational games called GameUp.
  • Canadian Teacher Magazine: Canadian Teacher Magazine is an independent national magazine, published by Pacific Edge Publishing, Ltd.  It aims to keep Canadian teachers abreast of current trends in their field by offering informative articles on instructional strategies and methodology, classroom management, professional and personal development, and national and international issues.
  • SFU Shared Education Lesson and Unit Plans: K-12 teaching resources by grade, subject, and resource type. Resources are developed by BC teachers and include activities, lesson plans, unit plans, and more.
  • We Are Teachers: Great website for classroom ideas, free printables, etc.

Inquiry and Thinking

  • Inquiry Teacher Blog: This is an excellent blog written by Rebecca Bathurst Hunt, co-author of the newly released "Inquiry Mindset".
  • Misty Paterson: Misty is a consultant specializing in inquiry and concept-based pedagogy.
  • The Kid Should See This: Smart Video For Curious Minds of all Ages: The Kid Should See This connects busy teachers and parents to a growing library of smart, short, & super-cool, “not-made-for-kids, but perfect for them” videos that can be watched in the classroom or together at home. 
  • Trevor Mackenzie: With the belief that all students deserve a chance to dig into their passions and curiosities, MacKenzie has created a scaffolded approach to personalized learning by identifying the Types of Student Inquiry: Structured, Controlled, Guided, and Free Inquiry. Trevor has written Dive Into Inquiry and Inquiry Mindset.
  • Wonderopolis: Everyday, expect a new wonder of the day question.
  • Critical Thinking Consortium: The TC² is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring critical, creative, and collaborative thinking.

Other Amazing Websites and Blogs

  • 5 Moore Minutes: Inspired by a little bowling video…Five Moore Minutes is a website with videos dedicated to empowering schools and classrooms to support ALL Learners! Created by Shelley Moore, this website is designed with teachers in mind. As educators, we don’t always have a lot of time, so this website and video series offers resources, research, professional development activities and inspiration in 5 minute chunks!
  • blogsomemoore: Shelley Moore is a well-known BC educator who focuses on diversity and inclusion in the classroom. Check out her resources and learning maps.
  • BCPVPA Webinars: In September and October 2017, the Ministry of Education and the BCPVPA presented a series of half-hour webinars designed to provide BCPVPA members and guests with current information and developments about specific Ministry initiatives.
  • Delta Learns: This is an amazing, user-friendly website that addresses a variety of topics across the curriculum. Of note is the emphasis on collaborative teamwork. Check out the sections on Elementary Literacy, Secondary Literacy, K-3 Physical Literacy, and learning targets/criteria (Just One Thing).
  • Edutopia: This Foundation is dedicated to transforming K-12 education so that all students can acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to thrive in their studies, careers, and adult lives. Founded by innovative and award-winning filmmaker George Lucas in 1991.
  • ERAC: The Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium goal is to ensure that BC K-12 schools have access to appropriate learning resources at the best possible price.
  • Experiments in Learning: This is an interesting blog that includes formative assessment, inquiry, critical and creative thinking, social emotional learning, and educational leadership.
  • George Couros: A learner, educator, and Innovative Teaching, Learning, and Leadership consultant. He is also the author of "The Innovator's Mindset".
  • MindShift: This site explores the future of learning in all its dimensions. It examines how learning is being impacted by technology, discoveries about how the brain works, poverty and inequities, social and emotional practices, assessments, digital games, design thinking and music, among many other topics.
  • National Film Board (NFB): Films on this site can be streamed free of charge, or downloaded for personal use for a small fee. The National Film Board also offers educational works on a subscription basis to schools and institutions. The Collection includes documentaries, animations, experimental films, fiction and interactive works. The NFB showcases films that take a stand on issues of global importance that matter to Canadians—stories about the environment, human rights, international conflict, the arts and more. Check out the education section!
  • NVSD44 Curriculum Hub: This is an excellent site that includes current research, tools, and examples of planners, assessment and support materials to successfully implement the new curriculum. Note the work on core competencies and unit plans.
  • Piman: This site has been assembled and maintained by Marc Garneau, Helping Teacher, SD36.
  • Surrey School Core Competencies: The purpose of this resource is to provide support for teachers in assisting students to meaningfully self-assess the Core Competencies
  • TeachBC: Your go-to site for BC Resources.
  • TeachThought: This is an amazing website that covers a variety of relevant topics.
  • Teaching and Learning With Heart: This blog is a must-read by a prominent BC Educator, now the Principal of Jessie Lee Elementary in Surrey.
  • Teaching With Smiles & SEL: Lindsay James has provided an excellent booklist resource on Social Emotional Learning.
  • United Library Services: ULS offers selected lists of resources in the various subject areas.