Project Based Learning

Our Catholic Schools are proud to offer many examples of project based learning (PBL) for our students.  When students get started on such projects, they often forget about time and will even work into their recess and lunch breaks because they are fully engaged, even immersed in their learning.  Here are some examples:

The amazing grade 7 Egyptian art projects at Immaculate Conception, integrating art and Social Studies.  The desks are pushed back and the students lay down to have an impression of their face made which is later painted and decorated.


The igloo made of recycled milk jugs at St. Anthony’s school.  Students get to read in the coveted reading space when it is done.

Full house at the Lester Centre for Mary Poppins

Full house at the Lester Centre for Mary Poppins

The recent school musicals: Joseph @ St. Mary’s and Mary Poppins @ Annunciation.  All our students participate and the whole staff and community work together to create and contribute to a wonderful production.  At Annunciation in Prince Rupert, the performance is in the local Lester Center Arts Theatre, with 700 in attendance, two nights in a row!

Project Based Learning in our schoolsProject Based Learning in our schoolsproject-based-learning-science-fair

Science fair at many of our schools – fostering student curiosity, collaboration, problem solving, while developing great connections between home and school.  Many of our students go on to participate at regional fairs.

Speech arts – many of our Catholic Schools offer and host speech arts competitions.  These experiences help students take a project or piece and work with it, ultimately, performing it with confidence and little personality!

Band Playing

School choirs and bands – though not often considered project based learning – each song or presentation is a project, a goal, a performance.  Our bands and choirs play and sing in our school, community and at church.  It is inspiring to hear them sing at church, especially when they add some actions.  Some students participate in playing guitars or the piano at our masses.

Skipping club demonstrations like those @ St. Josephs where the intermediate students learn tricks and teamwork, performing the school and community.  It is fun and great exercise.

Egyptian Burial Masks

We make the masks using plaster gauze, paint them and then display them at our Egypt Day for the school to see. The kids get messy and have lots of fun!

egyptian-masks-1 egyptian-masks-2 egyptian-masks-3 egyptian-masks-4

For more on project based learning and engaging our students in relevant and meaningful learning, see our individual school websites or drop by our school to meet our principal and tour our vibrant Catholic Schools.